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Curcumin, frankincense, resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid and ferrum are now known all over the world. Many thousands of studies report on the positive influence of these plant substances.

However, very few people know that curcumin in powder form, for example, is naturally insoluble in water and therefore practically impossible for the body to absorb.

However, many thousands of studies prove that curcumin is useful against many common diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer''''''''s, cardiovascular problems, etc., and is an optimal pain and inflammation inhibitor.

These common diseases will unfortunately occur more frequently in "vaccinated" people because their inflammation levels rise and their own immune system has been and continues to be battered by the injection.

With the Crystal® A+B concept, bioavailability is increased to such an extent that the many study results from laboratories can come true in people outside.

This works in animals as well as in humans.

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"Matter follows the mind" and never the other way around. 
Most people are unaware of this fact and then wonder about undesirable results.

Life is the result/manifestation of thought. Unfortunately, so are all diseases. A vanishingly small proportion is genetic.

That''''s why it''''s so important to practise daily mind control.
Almost every newsletter I write advocates personal responsibility and self-determination.

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